Retouching Guide

 Our retouching is done digitally, one image at a time, by us. We think this is one of the best “digital advantages” that benefits Swope’s Mountain Photography wedding and portrait clients.

 All prints comes with complimentary basic retouching that includes softening wrinkles and eye lines, reducing facial shine, whitening teeth and removing small blemishes.

 For more extensive retouching, there is a single charge for retouching an image. No matter how many photographs you have printed from that image, there is only one retouching charge.

 The charge is based on how much time it takes to do the retouching work. The minimum charge is $18.00 per image and covers many single retouching needs, including “dental work”, excessive acne, removing moles, stray hairs or objects.

 For more complicated retouching and multiple needs, you will be given an estimate first. Our retouching service charges $85 an hour and will estimate the time required to do what we ask. And they are capable of doing amazing things!

 Your Teton mountain portraits will be stunning!